N2 FFF 3D Printer

N2 FFF 3D Printer


Dive into the next generation of performance with the N2. Built on the foundation of quality, consistency and efficiency, the N2 is feature packed to ensure excellence.

Huge Build Volume

12in x 12in x 12in (305mm x 305mm x 305mm). A perfect cube with 1 foot of print volume in either direction. Large-scale printing, packed for production.


With dual extrusion technology, you can print models with 2 different filaments. Create dual color models, use specialized support material, or mix materials for unique properties.

7''Full Color Touchscreen

Intuitive control at your fingertips. Monitor print progress and adjust settings through a powerful visual interface.  Accessible through WIFI, LAN, USB and SD card.

Quality and Accuracy

Up to 10 micron Z resolution and 12.5 micron X/Y step size to achieve the best print quality and accuracy.

More Features

  • Filament versatility

    With our innovative patent-pending all-metal hotend, the N2 is compatible up to 300 ° C and can print with most filaments on the market.
    PLA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, PETG, HIPS, Particle-Filled, Flexibles, and more.

  • Print resuming

    An integrated battery provides the ultimate level of security over frustrating power interruptions and power outage failures. Eliminate failure and resume like it never even happened.

  • Fully closed chamber and heat bed

    Let your customers know what details set your product apart from the competition.
    Maximize adhesion and minimize warping with temperature control.  Heated bed with a temperature range up to 110°C and a fully enclosed chamber print materials like ABS and PC with ease.

  • Other features

    Rugged high-strength aluminum frame.
    Multi-point locking build plate.
    No need to re-level before prints.
    Fully enclosed design for improved quality and safety. 
    On-board computer to accommodate future Expansion and experimentation.

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