Full-color Powder-based 3D Printer - ComeTrue® Full-Color

ComeTrueⓇ is an innovative 3D printer integrated with own designed inkjet printhead, print engines, software and patented ComeTrueⓇ Binder Jetting (CBJ) 3D printing technology.

Utilizing the ComeTrueⓇ Print software to slice the 3D files. ComeTrueⓇ builds up parts layer-by-layer by depositing a liquid binder onto thin layers of composite powder. Finally, the completed will also can be infiltrated with different infiltrants to make parts tough and polished.

Compared with other 3D printers, ComeTrueⓇ advantages in faster print speed, superior equipment, cost-effective and better after services. ComeTrueⓇ can be applied in a wide range of applications such as education, 3D scanned figures, lithophane, architecture, geospacial, arts, bio-medical and healthcare...etc.


Resolution: 1200*556 dpi

Number of Inkjet Head: 2

Nozzle Number of the Print Head : 4800

Ink Color:   NCMYK

Volume of Inkjet Cartridge : CISS systme

Color : Full-Color

Vertical Printing Speed : 20mm/hour

Z axis Layer Thickness : 0.08mm or 0.12mm (Option)

Build Size : 200*160*150mm

Depowder Recycling System : Option

Size of the machine: 80*62*70cm

Please contact us before order it.