3D scanning, prototyping and printing enriches the traditional machine vision technology in the manufacturing process. Our team is developing a new generation of vision system to measure, monitor and control 3D printing process. 

Our professional experience can fulfill your goal of rapid or functional prototyping, shape and scale testing, concept modelling or highly customized end-use products using the most appropriate material and technology.

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Now You Have Three Options to Make a Mini-me Figurine!

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Best Gift for Kids -- Low Temperature 3D Pen!

Our 3D pen tip temperature is about 50 Celsius, much safer for kids to use, and greatly reduces the chances to get burned accidentally. The eMorph/eMate filament can be recycled and be used as molding plastic, and it is bio-degradable, non-toxic and FDA approved material. 

You can melt and mold with this material again and again. Not only you don’t have wastes any more, but also you now have this safe magic material for 3D molding, making masks, costume pieces, brackets, toys, tools, and replacement parts. For those who still want to use PLA, this pen is also backward compatible to PLA material (Just a different temperature setting).  

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Have Problem to keep your filament dry for extended period?

Try our 500g/roll filament! 

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