Modix 120.JPG
Modix Extra Large 120X Base Kit


• Single 3D printer robots with a single or dual print head.

• Independent Heated print bed controller with dual heating zones.

• Print Volume (XYZ) - 1200 x 610 X 610 mm for a single robot & single print head.

• Software: we are not providing our own software. Modix Big is compatible with any open market standard slicer. Printing profiles will be provided to: Slic3r (free), Cura (free) & Simplified 3D (this software is not free).

• Stand alone operation with SD Card or USB disk. Can use direct computer USB connection with many 3D Printer controller software such as Pronterface, Cura, Simplifed3D etc..

Technical Data

Printer Size

• Machine Size 1520X X 926Y X 1221Z mm, Electronic box at the top back (Y axis) - additional


• Please consider the assembly location as it may not pass through your door after assembly.


• 2 Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles

• Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joints

Motion System

• Stainless steel linear guides

• 3x Ball nut screw for Z axis + 4x12mm smooth rods

• 10mm width PU(Polyurethane) timing belt with steel cores.

• Layer resolution - 50 micron


• Controllers - MKS Gen 1.4

• Marlin Firmware

• Connectivity: USB, SD Card.

Print Head

• E3D V6 hotend, High flow Volcano heat block, default nozzle 0.4mm

• Extra nozzles 0.6mm, 0.8mm

• E3D Titan extruder.

Print Bed

• Mic-6 cast aluminum tooling plate 6.35mm thick.

• Dual zone silicon heater with max temp of 130c

• 2 PEI sheet at the size of 660 x 620 mm


• Main Power Supply for electronics- Meanwell PS 24V 280W

• Heat Bed is connected directly to mains :110V- 230V

Secondary printing head C$470.00

Closed enclosure C$1,750.00

Please contact us before order it.