BIQU Magician Lipstick-Sized Delta Rostock 3D Printer

BIQU Magician Lipstick-Sized Delta Rostock 3D Printer

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Product features

·       32 BITS MOTHERBOARD CONTROLLER : 32 speeding up processing with motherboard 100 mHZ 2.8 inch easy to operate with touch screen.Easy with Titan extruder Gear deceleration at 70 mm / s 3: 1 print speed can increase nozzle moving speed

·       TITAN EXTRUDER: Titan is an amazing lightweight extruder made with injection molded parts for maximum performance

·       FILM PRESSURE SENSOR AUTO-LEVELING: High precision, leveling repeatability can be ± 0.05mm. The default trigger distance is 0.1mm. Good anti-interference ability, will not be affected by the platform material, ambient light, ambient temperature and humidity, etc

·       TOUCH SCREEN: Use high Sensitivity & High Reaction 2.8 inch Touch Screen, easy to operate

·       LIPSTICK-SIZED, LIGHT WEIGHT: Convenient for student and 3d printer interested beginner to carry to anywhere

Product description

Basic Specification
Printing Technology:FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
Product Dimension: 220mm*250mm*470mm
Packing Size: 316mm*450mm
Print Size Φ100 x 150mm
Net Weight:4KG
Gross Weight:9KG

Software Specification
Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10,Mac OS
Slicer Software:Cura
Input format:STL,OBJ
Output format:G-Code
Compatible Software:Simplify 3D,Slic3r

Hardware Specification
Build Volume:Φ100*150mm
Printer Head:Single
Print Accuracy:0.1mm
Positioning Accuracy:0.01mm
Maximum layer resolution:0.1mm-0.4mm
Nozzle Size:0.4mm
Extruder: BIGTREETECH Titan Extruder Clone
Screen: BIGTREETECH 2.8 inch TFT Touch Screen
Motherboard: BIGTREETECH 32bits Board
Filament Diameter:1.75mm
Maximum Loading Speed:100mm/s
Maximum Printing Speed:70mm/s
Supported Print Material:PLA
Material Diameter: 1.75mm
Print Head Power:40W
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Power output: DC 12V 10A
Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHs
Connectivity: SD card offline print and USB online print

Package List
1x Magician Lipstick-Sized 3D Printer
1x250G PLA Filament
1xFilm Pressure Sensor
4xAllen Wrench
1x Sd Card
1x Card Reader
1xUSB Cable
1x Spatula
1xNozzle Throat
1xMagician Manual

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